Tomb of Horrors

The Last Astral Engine

The Heroes attuned the newly acquired gems to their respective locations on the crowned skull of Nerull. Upon placing the first gem, an Aspect of Nerull was summoned. The heroes handled the challenge ably and quickly resumed placing the gems. As the last gem was attuned to its place a portal opened in the skull’s mouth and the gems drained of their energy leaving astral diamonds as residue. The heroes gathered themselves and entered the mouth of the skull for another location.
The trip was brief, but shocking. They arrived in the chamber of the last Astral Engine, the focus point for the essences of the dead gods in this grand tomb. Rising under the engine was a God-Golem, the residence for the spirit of Acererak . The Heroes attacked and kept their enemy stunned and off balance. They quickly destroyed the construct made from the parts of dead gods.
Over the slain body of the God-Golem hung the Astral Engine about to explode with rampant unfocused power now absent of the influence of Acererak. The Heroes combined their arcane and religious powers to disable the engine and destroy Acererak‘s phylactery. The engine and the chamber grew cold and dark as the power faded away. After a short time of investigation, the Heroes realized their victory was hollow. Though Acererak’s body and phylactery were destroyed, the essence of the demilich and its true body were still missing. They knew that it would take days for the demilich to create a new phylactery which gave them some time to hunt it down and possibly destroy it permanently. The hunt was on once again.
The Heroes left the Necromanteion and entered the ruins of Pluton. They were met there by servants of the Raven Queen. The dark mistress was pleased that Acererak was driven from her adopted home. In return for their service the Heroes were given free and safe passage to Sigil. In the City of Doors, the Heroes consulted every Diviner and Sage they could find. The way forward however, was clouded in terrible power and the Heroes were left with only one clue…“The broken skull lairs once more beneath the broken skull.”



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