Tomb of Horrors

Mapping the Tomb

The Heroes, their party forged anew, began to hop portals from one location to another in an effort to map the tomb. The greatest excitement occurred when they found a band of devils led by a Vampire Lord Berserker. They quickly dispatched the devils and were able to easily overcome the Vampire Lord once they were able to put their numbers to bear. However, it was the forgotten god for whom the room was made that provided them the greatest challenge. A brightly glowing pool in the center of the room was host to the fading spirit of He Who Was. The old god demanded fealty from those who battled in the room and punished those who would not offer sincere prayer. Saint Tanner would offer allegiance to no god but Pelor. He Who Was crushed the life from his body for this perceived transgression. Tanner’s body settled to the ground in gentle repose. His face was serene and his wounds began to slowly heal, but his soul was no longer attached to his mortal remains. The party moved his remains with honor with the assumption that Tanner continued to serve at Pelor’s side until they could resurrect him.
The Heroes ventured on and reached the limits of the portals they could travel. After wandering for a bit, they discovered a portal hidden at the bottom of the slime pit that once held the giant ooze that attempted to devour them during the battle with multiple gods’ aspects. This portal led them to a room dedicated to Nerul that seemed to house locations for the deposit of the gems that seemed to be a feature of the rooms they were traveling amongst. Realising they possessed only four gems and there seemed to be places for six, they decided to try additional portals. In Nerul’s chamber there were more portals than the number of rooms they visited previously. The resumed the search for these powerful gems.
The first portal they tried brought them to a new room with a curious inhabitant. An boisterous Eladrin greeted them with an offer that if they defeated him in a game he would award them the gem stored in this chamber. The game did not go well for the Eladrin Hethosparad and at the conclusion of the Heroes celebration of victory, he attacked!



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