Tomb of Horrors

Bringing Back the Dead

The Heroes quickly defeated the Eladrin sorcerer Hethsporad, though escaped into the Feywild swearing vengeance. After securing the fifth gem, the heroes returned to the chamber dedicated to Nerull and continue to try portals. A series of portal jumps demonstrated to them that Nerull’s chamber connected to everyplace in the Dead God’s Tomb that they had been so far, even if the path back was not direct. Two new rooms were discovered. One was back to the Tomb of Horrors contained underneath Skull City that contained nothing. The second was to a room in the Shadowfell that contained shelves of crumbling artifacts and the sixth gem. After retrieving the final gem, the heroes were set upon by ancient ghosts and a trap filling the room with necrotic ooze. The adventurers managed to escape before drowning in the black ooze. They gathered their resources, rested and raised Tanner back from Pelor’s side to join them in the next stage of their quest. They now needed to discover the function of the gems they had worked so hard to obtain.



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