Tomb of Horrors

Return to the Abandoned Tomb

The Heroes interrogated the corpse of the witch the townspeople of Huntress burned. Through repeated castings of their Speak with Dead rituals, the Heroes discovered that the witch was actually a woman who felt discriminated and mistreated as a newcomer to the village. In an attempt to gain vengeance upon those who visited harm upon her she cast a ritual and called forth a creature from the Astral plane. The creature helped the woman punish those in the town who were mean to her, but did so in a very brutal manner. The creature attacked in the middle of the night and erected a tree of the bones and tongues of the transgressors. The townspeople of Huntress, suffering under the astral creature’s threat, decided to take action and kill the witch. They rose up, flayed her, dismembered her, and burned her remains. They did not bury her heart, however, leaving out an important act required to banish the creature and end their curse. Instead of removing the threat, the astral terror was set free of the witch’s control and continued to follow the letter of her instructions in her absence. The town continued to suffer in terror. The Heroes took action and buried the woman’s still beating and bleeding heart. The act summoned the astral creature in a weakened state. Now lacking its invisible nature, the creature called forth its horrible tree, made from the bones of thieves and the tongues of the weak, to attack the heroes as well. After a hard fought battle, the heroes prevailed and put the spirit of the witch and the fear of the town to rest. By defeating the creature, the Heroes also restored the portal they were traveling through to working condition. In the aftermath of the battle the heroes were able to attain a Cloak of Invisibility +5 and an Amulet of Protection +5 Although the terror was defeated the fear and hopelessness of the villagers remained. It was not a magical effect, but one earned from long subjugation to terror. Although waylaid by a portal mis-transfer like the Heroes, Dragoon volunteered to stay behind and further protect and guide the town back to health and prosperity. After a period of rest and recuperation, the Heroes revived their two companions trapped in their tapestry prisons. The heroes said their goodbyes to the town of Huntress, and walked back to the edge of the settlement and disappeared again into a portal to continue their sworn quest. They arrived painfully in a new location. The Heroes fell awkwardly from a stone wall, as the exit of the portal was not oriented the same as the entrance. The Heroes fall on and over each other and rolled to the stone floor. The hallway they appeared in was completely dark, lit only by the Heroes’ magical items. Several pits gaped open along this long hall, and bent, corroded spikes adorned the bottom of each one. Decaying murals and paintings on the walls hinted at humanoid shapes. Despite the current scraped condition of the floor, several sections had the remains of designs and inscriptions. One corridor led off to the west, and its position required them to bypass one of the pits to reach it. They had seen this hallway before in one of the many cross planar visions that occurred during their time in the Garden of Graves.

The Heroes reached the Abandoned Tomb, and it finally looked more like a Tomb of Horrors



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