Tomb of Horrors

Grottos and Twins

The Heroes enter a grotto and encounter a fine golden yellow mist. Suspicious of mists in all their forms, Galinn attempts a dispel that eliminates the mist and its charm magic. The Heroes discover a female eladrin who was imprisoned in the grotto and used by the charm magic as a dangerous foe for visitors to the tomb. As a reward for freeing her, she gives the heroes a key and directions a hidden passage in the chapel of the tomb. The Heroes take two keys discovered in the tomb and use them to open the chapel’s hidden passage. The passage leads to a pillared hall with a face of the Devourer. The Heroes trigger a trap manifesting evil simulacrums of themselves that they must defeat in order to survive. Galinn and Mal work together to arcanely defeat the trap. Behind the Devourer the Heroes discover another passage into darkness…



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