Tomb of Horrors

By the Power of Castle Black Skull!

The Heroes arrive in Pluton and waste no time charging ahead to do battle with the undead hordes waiting in the shadow of Nerull‘s fortress, Necromanteion. They discover that in addition to the powerful undead creatures, the very environment of Pluton is hazardous to their continued existence. They battled through fields of blades that rose to attack them and areas covered in red mist that tried to kill them from within. They battled hordes of undead creatures attempting to rebuild the monuments to their master in death, Nerull.
As they reached the literal mouth of the Necromanteion, they encountered an assault party of Devils who were branded with the symbol of Vecna adding another mystery to their quest.
Once they penetrated the gates of the fortress, they entered the abandoned throne room of Nerull. Three portals stood active in the hall, heavily warded to protect them from intruders. The throne itself held tempting treasure. The party’s thief risked death or professional humiliation and recovered nine black sapphires, an orb of drastic resolutions (+5), and a gem of opening. In doing so he also triggered a message from their deadly host:
The old gods fall, and from their blood, I rise
Lay waste to all that I despise
And when I shred your souls
Drink deep your lives
I hear you scream for mercy
Beg surcease
Entreat your faithless gods for death’s release.
But all the gods whose fealty you swear
Cannot protect you here
And like the dead gods who now do my will
Your fallen gods before my god-king’s throne shall kneel.
The God of Mercy, gone to dust
Now metes out justice I decree.
The God of War, betrayed by blood,
Takes up my dread authority.
The Nameless God who chaos felled
Bequeaths his name and power to me.
The worlds within this world within
Shall fall like every world I see.
And at the end of all that is
The God of Death who death possessed
Stands in my thrall like all the rest.
Your fools’ valor leaves you helpless now
And all the choice last left to you
Is to decide which dead god’s shrine
Will be the final thing you see—
Which dead god now defends the path to me.
The God of Undeath, crowned anew
The God of Death whose name you fear
I am Acererak
Your feeble lives end here.

The Heroes steeled themselves, broke down the wards to the portals, and split their party to surge forth and begin the next stage in their defeat of Acererak’s plans. Victory or Undeath!



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