Tomb of Horrors

Aspected Battle Royale

The Heroes divided their forces into two teams knowing they could do more damage that way. The first team comprised of the Ranger, Human Cleric, Fighter, and Rogue, launched themselves into a portal and found themselves transported to a small shrine to a god of war and conflict. The floor was littered with the weapons and corpses of Legion Devils and combatants from the passing ages. Standing amongst the carnage were animated constructs of the weapons and armor of the fallen. The constructs quickly attacked the new arrivals. The constructs of swords and shields proved to be of little concern compared to the whirlwind blenders of weapon shards. The team barely survived the carnage but emerged victorious and decided to rest in order to heal their wounds and recover their powers.
The other team consisting of the Paladin, Dwarven Cleric, Wizard, and Shapeshifter, walked through a portal to find themselves in a frigid, tapestry covered shrine to a god of holy justice and slayer of demonic foes. The heroes found only the remains of the slain god Amoth, in the form of a pile of frozen bone shards. On top of the pile of bones was a glowing gem that appeared to be siphoning arcane energy from the chamber to somewhere else. The team acquired the gem at personal cost to the wizard, but unknown to them, they woke a slumbering threat. The team moved through another portal before their doom would awake. on the other side of the newest portal, they discovered a Cult excursion lead by an Aspect of Vecna. The battle with the cultists of Vecna was interrupted with the arrival of the Aspects of Orcus and Demogorgon who awoke in the previous room and followed them through the portal. At the same time a great green ooze that was thought to be a pool in the middle of the rotting chamber animated and moved to attack any living creature. The Aspects of Vecna, Orcus, and Demogorgon fought each other and the heroes in a swirling melee and explosion of magical powers. The battle was an epic saga in the flesh. Once again our heroes were victorious and gained another gem, though the purpose of the gems remained unclear. The team walked through a portal into the chamber of the god of war and the Heroes were once again reunited. They rested together and determined their next sortie into the godly tombs of Pluton



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